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Twenty Warrior Actors Wanted Now (NYC)

Twenty Warrior Actors Wanted Now!!!
20 combat fighters for a new televisions fight show in production!

UFC Fighters, Mixed Martial Arts MMA Fighters, Full Armored Fighters non-SCA or SCA , Kendo, Stickfighting, Escrima, Knights, and Weapons Experts for a Television show in production for a large cable network.

Fighters must be physically fit, 21 – 30 years of age, ambidextrous and be willing to battle.

Fighters will fight in protective body armor with full-face headgear and will engage in a real battle with the following weapons:

Rattan Swords
Short rattan swords
Rattan Battle ax
Kendo Stick
‘Stick Fighting’
Bamboo Staff and much more

Chosen fighters must commit to 3 weeks of paid training.

Must be available for evening training starting AUG 2009!

Please submit a bio, fight style, experiences and a few images, along with Name, Age, Height, Weight, Years fighting, and Fighting experience.

Please send all submissions to casting@theghostmodel.com

Auditions will take place in the NY Metro area for the next two weeks.

Casting by Groove Club LLC in association with largest name in television production.



CONTACT: casting@theghostmodel.com


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