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Sprite Step Off: Chance to be in “Stomp the Yard” sequel

This fall, Sprite is bringing the largest national step competition EVER – with 30 events in over 20 cities, teams from all across the country can compete in Sprite Step Off for a share of $1.5 million prize pool. As if the prize pool wasn’t enough — winning fraternity and sorority teams from each of the qualifying round events may have a possible part in the upcoming “Stomp the Yard” sequel, “Stomp the Yard: Homecoming”.

Right now you can check out WWW.SPRITESTEPOFF.COM to:

– Get more info about the national competition, prizes, and service platform
– Get the full event schedule and registration info
– Go behind the scenes to learn more about the culture of step with the Essence of Step series
– Download video, screensavers, wallpaper, poster art, logos and more to spread the word

You can keep up with us on Facebook and follow SSO on Twitter for updates. Here are the event flyers with all of the events remaining in September and coming up in October:

Also, you can check out videos on our YouTube channel as well: (YOUTUBE.COM/SPRITESTEPOFF)





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Universal Studios Japan-Auditions

Now this is a once in a lifetime experience if you ask me. Must be willing to relocate to Japan for 13 months. All expenses paid, including the round trip travel. Free, private housing and a daily allowance! Wow..Also medical insurance and gym membership.

The 2009 audition tour runs mid-August to mid-September. Check it out here

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Seeking actors for video game commercial

Casting some small roles in a commercial we’re shooting for a soon to be released video game. It is a spoof of the infomercials you would see on TV late at night (i.e. Snuggy, Shamwow). The humor is not too vulgar (PG to PG-13 rating). We shouldn’t need any of the actors for more than 1-2 hours and this commercial is going to get heavy airplay on the internet. Here are the breakdowns for the actors we are looking for:

GAMER (male, age 50-80) – An older man dressed as a kid. He becomes
frustrated with the video game, chunks down the controller and pouts out
of the room.

SIAMESE TWINS (male, any age) – It would be ideal to have twins. We
don’t really have a look other than that in mind. If not twins, two
male actors around the same age with a similar look.

YOUNG GAMER (female, age 5-15) – A young, preferably Asian female. Cute
and able to express over-the-top comedic sadness.

COUCHMAN (male, age 60-80) – An older man who has seen better days. He
struggles to speak but managed to score a young trophy wife.

COUCHWOMAN (female, age 18-30) – Young, attractive, outgoing female.
The trophy wife of COUCHMAN.

VENUS (male, any age) – A man dressed as a woman. Any age is good. All
we ask is that you are comfortable in woman’s clothes and high heels.

SKINNY MAN (male, any age) – A tall, skinny (lanky) man. He lost 150
pounds using this amazing product. Must have a fit, energetic look.

Please send me a head shot and specify which role you would like to be
considered for and I’ll shoot over the script. It’s going to be a
goofy, fun shoot. Thanks!




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Seeking actors for HBO pilot “Boardwalk Empire”

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking actors who can portray the following for the HBO pilot “Boardwalk Empire”, directed by Martin Scorsese:

1. Seeking Caucasian men who can play (have professional-level skill) the following instruments trumpet, trombone, piano, banjo, violin, tuba, clarinet and saxophone to play 1920s orchestra members. Must be OK with getting haircut and being around smoke. Please note what instrument you play.

2. Men and women who are willing to smoke or be around smoke. Men must be willing to get hair cut short. Women must have at least shoulder-length hair. Looking for average to small sized people.

3. 50s Caucasian man to play corpse in coffin.

4. Men with real-life experience as fishermen hauling large nets.

5. Men with real-life professional experience/training boating and in boating safety.
All men must be willing to have hair cut short.
Please email a recent picture of yourself and contact information to Write the role for which you are submitting in the subject line of your email. Or mail submissions to GWCI, Boardwalk Empire, 123 West 18 Street, 8th Fl, NY, NY 10011.





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Coca Cola Casting – Fan Clubs (Universal Casting)

We are looking for FAN CLUBS, such Music Groups/Bands, Sport Teams, Tv SHows, Movies, Artists..etc.. we need people who live for what they are a fan of.

You know everything there is to know about this, IF this is you we need to see you for a casting at our office!!

Project: Coca Cola- Webs and print use

Rate: $ 350. for a days work

Age: 13-22yrs old- all ethnicity

Casting: 6/17

Universal Casting
1111 Lincoln Rd, Suite 750
Maimi Beach, Fl 33139

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NYC Casting call: Union/Non-Union Feature film “Losing It”


Sunday 21st June 2009 12-6pm
Clemente Soto Velez Centre, 107 Suffolk Street, NY, NY 10002 between Delancy and Rivington.

“LOSING IT” a feature film from writer/director Macdara Vallely about a young girl’s struggle to negotiate her social circumstances in order to avoid her mother’s fate.

LENA (15) – a funny, smart, purposeful nuyorican girl who perhaps takes herself a little too seriously.
DAISHAN (16) – latina, confident, a quick temper and an answer for everything.
PATREEK (16) – an African-American boy, tall, easy-going, friendly.

Professional rates apply. Scheduled for production, 5 weeks, starting late August.fcc
For more information and to download sides please visit:
contact: mayfly entertainment ltd.

Project: Union/Non-Union Feature film “Losing It”

Location: New York, NY



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Actor(s) CHICAGO – GABRIELA (Feature Film)

Paid – Actor(s) CHICAGO – GABRIELA (Feature Film)

Production: GABRIELA (Feature Film)
Location: CHICAGO
Employer: Live-Dream Productions
Duration: January 29, 2010, starts January 4, 2010
Non-Union artist contracts

Director: Luke Richmond. ‘GABRIELA’ Shows Humanity There is so much more Beyond the Exterior. Capturing the Poetry in Life, Shows the World Vulnerability, and Emotions are Acceptable. VICTOR HARPER, inherits ‘Harper Theatre’ of New York City, due to the passing of his Father. Along with the Responsibility of Scoring Films with his Best Friend JAMES, He struggles to Find his true happiness. Meeting his Angel, GABRIELA, sparks life into VICTOR as they fall in Love beyond the Depths of any Love similar to our lives. They Dance, They Feel, They Laugh, They Love. GABRIELA’S Beauty is a Dream, and the Perfection of Their Relationship is Inevitable. VICTOR takes a dark turn upon finding out the shocking true Identity of whom GABRIELA truly is. Love, Laughter, Pain, and Suffering, sum up the Dark, Poetic tale of GABRIELA and Her Secret.

Web: GABRIELA – (Film & Site Under Construction) on MySpace Films – New Films & Documenteries

Apply to: Luke Richmond, 10483 farmbrook dr., brighton mi, 48114

6 breakdowns:

1. Female / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
GABRIELA-(LEAD) She holds an energy and beauty beyond words. She lacks pride and radiates energy wherever she walks. She is full of Life and Love. She loves Victor with all of her heart but at the same time is a tortured, broken soul. Her dark ways are revealed to Victor, causing him to snap. Extremely intense and dark role. Very deep.

2. Male / 51-60 yrs. / Italian.
PETE-(RECURRING) PETE is fast talking, NY/Italain, who owns is own lounge in Manhattan. He surrounds himself with the beautiful sounds of Sinatra, and the great taste of Scotch, causing him to always smile and be happy. Italian/NY Dialect

3. Male / 41-50 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
ALLEN-(RECURRING) ALLEN is an odd, disgusting excuse for a man. Lacks heart and Passion, but well dressed and handsome on the outside. He’s cheating on his wife with prostitutes of the highest point. Very dark in his thoughts but full of energy. His black energy brings light to his twisted dialogue.

4. Male / 41-50 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
JEREMIAH-(RECURRING) JEREMIAH is the head of the prostitution house. Full of darkness and as smart as can be. Treats his women with respect and gives them the world so they’ll stick around to make him money in the dirtiest way.

5. Either gender / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
20 SPEAKING/PAID ROLES-(POSSIBLE RECURRING) BETWEEN THE AGES OF 20-65 Send headshot and resume to GABRIELAFILM@HOTMAIL.COM and we will contact you with information regarding an audition.

6. Either gender / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.

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