Twenty Warrior Actors Wanted Now (NYC)

Twenty Warrior Actors Wanted Now!!!
20 combat fighters for a new televisions fight show in production!

UFC Fighters, Mixed Martial Arts MMA Fighters, Full Armored Fighters non-SCA or SCA , Kendo, Stickfighting, Escrima, Knights, and Weapons Experts for a Television show in production for a large cable network.

Fighters must be physically fit, 21 – 30 years of age, ambidextrous and be willing to battle.

Fighters will fight in protective body armor with full-face headgear and will engage in a real battle with the following weapons:

Rattan Swords
Short rattan swords
Rattan Battle ax
Kendo Stick
‘Stick Fighting’
Bamboo Staff and much more

Chosen fighters must commit to 3 weeks of paid training.

Must be available for evening training starting AUG 2009!

Please submit a bio, fight style, experiences and a few images, along with Name, Age, Height, Weight, Years fighting, and Fighting experience.

Please send all submissions to

Auditions will take place in the NY Metro area for the next two weeks.

Casting by Groove Club LLC in association with largest name in television production.




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