Join the Ghost Model Casting Network and boost your career now!!

The Ghost Model Casting Network is growing rapidly and our reputation in the industry is becoming more and more solid. In just some of our recent credits, we have successfully cast models for many publications, movies, event hosting, music videos, websites, and more including The Source Digital Dimepiece and Celebrity Fashion Spreads, digital dimepiece features, Show Magazine and, BET Spring Bling, Custom Whipz Celebrity Fashion Spread,, Dimepiece magazine, Assets magazine, S.E.A. the magazine,,, and up – it’s very beneficial – tell them Aundrea Jackson referred you for preferential treatment),,,,, Tyler Perry’s I can do bad by myself, Jonah Hex(movie based on comic book filming this summer), Pirahna 3D(remake filming this summer), and the list could go on and on.

As we are now being contacted by directors, producers, and more to gain access to the models we manage, cast, or network with to be submitted for future castings., we are seeking exotic talent to join our network and be accessible for these clients and opps. Talent who join the Ghost Model Casting Network will have access to exclusive castings only posted on the site. We also access the network first along with models we manage at for castings and other opps we receive.

Models who join the Ghost Model Casting Network will have access to a great many castings as castings that are not posted on the Ghost Model Blog are sent directly to models. Exclusive castings may be viewed via the “Exclusives” tab only viewable to members. To join the Ghost Model Casting Network , models must have at least ONE professional pic. Answer all of the profile questions accurately and feel free to post as many of your best pics in your account as possible as casting directors will be directed to your profile to view more pics and info from you.

As a model is cast by for a role, opp, etc. via the Ghost Model Casting Network , they are added to a list of models whom we know are reliable, responsible, etc. This list, to be called the Ghost Model Directory, will be updated monthly with new models who are cast by us.

We will add each new model to the Ghost Model Directory as she completes the assignment she is cast for. This directory will be distributed monthly to casting directors, tv, video, and film companies, magazines, websites, and more as requested by clients. Also PLEASE make sure all of your contact information, bio, etc. are correct on your profiles as I will refer back to your profile if there is any interest expressed in you for any roles, opps, etc.

There will be preferential ordering to the list as models managed by Ghost Model Management will be the first models on the list followed by models who are under casting contract with us. Models who are members of the Ghost Model Casting Network will then be placed on the list. Make sure you have several photos uploaded in your account to choose from for the Ghost Model Directory. Close up Mid Body shots are best. If you would like to see a sample of the Ghost Model Directory, please email with your request.


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